It’s an honor being able to engage with such an incredible art for the purpose of glorifying my Creator.  Victor Hugo once said that “a writer is a world trapped in a person.” In that regard, I find that I must write in order to break (worlds) free.  I honestly believe that everyone is capable of being a good writer; however, a true writer acts upon his or her gift, and while doing so, enjoyable runs wild with imagination and creative intent. 

I write because it is my birthright, my passion and my purpose. I am content with this because it affords me the opportunity to be my greatest self. I love to write and I find that it is one of many ways to live life boldly. So for those with “worlds” trapped inside, I plead, “give it voice.”  Listen to your gift, muse over it, celebrate it, honor it. And may the spirit of wisdom, love and light endure and guide all of us as we choose and live out a writer’s journey.


Ernestia Fraser is an author, screenwriter, poet and educator, who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She has received a double B.A. in English and Communication and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Screenwriting. Fraser has earned a number awards and honors in both poetry and screenwriting. In 2011, her thesis screenplay, Inside the Fallen Moon, won 1st prize in the Hollywood Black Film Festival International Storyteller Competition. Following the success of her script, Fraser was awarded a screenwriting fellowship at Writer’s Institute for Diversity in Los Angeles facilitated by Harrison Reiner, a CBS Television Story Analyst. Fraser also garnered a number of publications, including a creative nonfiction collection called Carnival of Love: A Tale of Bahamian Family. To date, her poems have appeared in both Caribbean and international journals, such as St. Somewhere, Tongues of the Ocean, The Caribbean Writer, Quiddity, Emerge Literary Journal, Blackberry, POUI: Cave Hill Journal and the Caribbean Quarterly. Her poem, “The Way We Dance” won The Caribbean Writer’s “2014 “Daily News Prize.” Fraser is currently living in the Bahamas, working as a  creative writing instructor at The Tutoring Station and a part-time editor at MasterWriting242.


Published Memoir

Forthcoming Poetry Chapbooks (read sample pages)



Poem “My Caribbean Mother” published by Bahamian online journal tongues of the ocean.

Poem “Origins” published by Caribbean journal, Caribbean Quarterly: A Journal of Caribbean Culture. 


Poet’s response to new Bahamian novel: Carnival of Love. The poet Obediah Michael Smith weighs in on Fraser’s published memoir.

Messiah College’s 2011 issue of The Bridge includes article “Alum tells an universal story from a Caribbean perspective. “


Fraser makes an appearance on the Delia Dolorshow where she speaks frankly about her childhood and how the book affected her family after it was published. Interview begins at the 22 minute mark.

Terneille Burrows “TaDa” interviews Fraser on the 2010 release of her first book, Carnival of Love. Listen to full interview.

honors and awards

In 2011, Fraser is 1st Place Winner of Hollywood Black Film Festival Storytelling Competition. The award was attributed to her thesis screenplay, Inside the Fallen Moon (currently known as Before Dawn.)

In 2013, Fraser wins “The Daily News Prize” for  poetry. Poem “The Way We Dance” was awarded.

Fraser is shortlisted for the 2013 Small Axe Literary Competition.


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